May Bumps 2009-10

May Bumps

May Bumps 2010 take place between Wednesday 9th June - Saturday 12th June. As always it is the highlight of the Cambridge rowing calendar when warm weather and exciting racing attracts huge crowds of supporters.

This year Christ's have 8 crews entered so there will be a crew to support in most of the divisions throughout the day. Information about race times and where best to watch bumps is available at

Race reports will be posted here daily from every crew, so check back regularly to find out how our crews are doing.

Crew Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4 Overall
M1 Rowed Over Bumped by Kings Rowed Over Bumped Churchill 0
W1 Bumped LMBC Bumped Jesus Bumped Caius Bumped Emmanuel +4
M2 Bumped FaT III Bumped Selwyn II & Corpus I Bumped Emmanuel II Bumped Queens' II +5
W2 Bumped Selwyn II Bumped Jesus III Overbumped St Edmund's Bumped FaT II +6
M3 (Fellows) Bumped Sidney II/Rowed Over Rowed Over/Bumped Jesus IV Rowed Over Bumped by St. Edmund's II +1
W3 Bumped Trinity Hall III Bumped Hughes Hall II Bumped Clare III Overbumped Kings II +6
M4 (Rugby) Bumped by St. Edmunds II Bumped by Magdalene III Rowed Over Bumped FaT V -1
M5 Rowed Over Bumped by Girton III Rowed Over Rowed Over -1

M1 - M1 Division
W1 - W1 Division
M2 - M3 Division
W2 - W3 Division
M3 (Fellows) - M5 Division
W3 - W4 Division
M4 (Rugby) - M5 Division
M5 - M6 Division

Men's 1st VIII Mays 2009-10 , Day 1
Rowed over

Day 1 of bumps is always crucial to set you up for a good week. Chasing FaT II for the umpteenth year in a row, and with a quick King's crew behind, we knew this was more true than ever. Nick had challenged us to produce "the best row of any Christ's M1 ever", and we certainly rose to the challenge.

Our start was aggressive, and we hit a sweet rhythm on Katie's call at rate 38. Staying roughly on station ahead and behind, we ground slowly towards one whistle. When Jimmy blew a little optimistically just before first post corner, we were buoyed and started to close quicker. Two whistles followed in the gut, and a great push down Plough reach gave us three whistles at Ditton corner. King's had closed earlier but as we came onto the reach they started to drop back. We stuck with FaT II, inching in on them, closing to within 5 foot at one point. However, Trinity responded well, and whilst our final push took us in, we had ultimately left ourselves too much to do.

A great row today, but we know there are little bits to tidy up tomorrow which will hopefully bring us the extra speed to get the bump.


Men's 1st VIII Mays 2009-10 , Day 2
Got bumped

There's a saying that we bandy around in training, that it's really difficult to have two good outings in a row. How much more true that is in a race situation. One of the big challenges of bumps is to come back day after day and perform. Sadly, after a great row yesterday, we were not able to repeat it today.

We went off hard again at First and Third II, but this time they were more on their guard and we failed to take any ground, but equally held King's behind roughly on station. FaT II got a sniff of Churchill in front of them around first post corner, and quickly moved in for the kill, bumping out on Grassy. It was bad timing for us to lose our 'hare' in front, as King's had moved to one length in the gut as we lost our technical focus a little. Once King's had their tail up they moved in on us quickly, up to three whistles out of Ditton corner. We fought valiantly along the reach, but couldn't resist King's charge.


Men's 1st VIII Mays 2009-10 , Day 3
Rowed over

After yesterday's disappointment, M1 were determined to put things right today. First of all we had to tidy up technically, but we were confident that if we did, we could row over comfortably ahead of whoever made it to the sandwich boat.

As it happened, Robinson appeared as sandwich boat, good news for us as this would be their sixth race of the week. We were aiming to put as much distance on them as possible, as soon as possible. We did this pretty well off the start, moving to two lengths or more clear by the motorway bridge. We also moved up on King's ahead, but they then got a sniff of Churchill and moved on quickly. Robinson never really threatened us for the rest of the race. They made some ground as we had to avoid clearing crews around Ditton corner and put in a massive effort at the start of the long reach, but we responded admirably, finishing 2.5 lengths clear.


Men's 1st VIII Mays 2009-10 , Day 4

M1 felt that their row over had earned them the right to have a shot at the bump on the final day. We knew it wouldn't be easy, even if Churchill were on for spoons, because they had beaten us at Peterborough the previous weekend. However, we determined to attack it hard, put Churchill under some pressure, and see what happened.

The start wasn't our best, but we came out into an alright rhythm and gained our first whistle before the motorway bridge. Perhaps this surprised us a little and made us think it would be too easy, because although we inched in slowly along first post reach, there were times when Churchill also pulled away. The cheers of the alumni picnic spurred us on at first post corner however, and we moved in closer. A fantastic line round Grassy from Katie, manouevering through clearing crews, gave us two whistles on the exit. This eally put the wind in our sails, and we moved from half a length to a quarter in very few strokes. Outside the Plough Nick rang the bell, barely audible above the roar of the crowds, and within ten strokes there was a shudder through the boat as our bows hit their stern canvas.

A great way to end the week. After a disappointing Lents campaign, we started this week with 70% of people predicting us to go down, and 34% predicting us spoons. However, we showed real character to come away level, a result not to be sniffed at in the first division.


Men's 2nd VIII Mays 2009-10 , Day 1
First and Third M3

Coming off the cannon, we wound our start to rate 39 and immediately gained one whistle. However, pushing into First Post corner, things rapidly began to go awry technique-wise as a combination of nerves, the pouring rain and the pressure of bumps caused the boat to list sharply to strokeside for the bulk of our row, and our bladework suffered accordingly. Nonetheless, we gained a solid two whistles in the Gut, pushing to three as we approached the turn to Plough reach, and an excellent line from Katie managed to net us the bump a third of the way into Grassy corner.

This was not our best rowing. It was sloppy, felt somewhat rushed, and was certainly not the fastest we've ever been. It got the job done, which is all that was required, and we certainly pushed hard. But we can do better.

The experience ended on a somewhat bemusing note as a Jesus crew rounding Grassy failed to do so in the most spectacular manner and plowed straight into the Trinity crew we had just bumped. Thankfully the only casualty appears to have been a rigger.

Men's 2nd VIII Mays 2009-10 , Day 2 , Race 1

After yesterday’s powerful but scrappy race, we were determined to get the absolute maximum technically out of every stroke as we knew we had the length of the entire Bumps course to catch Selwyn.

Off the start we wound to 38, striding to a strong rhythm at rate 34 and began making inroads on Selwyn. After a much improved First Post corner, we gained our first whistle in the Gut. Continuing to reel them in, we pushed past the Plough as the second whistle sounded, gaining the third as we rounded Ditton. At the sound of the bell, Katie called a racing restart and Selwyn, unable to respond, conceded as our bow gracefully mounted their stern and, with the cox’s hand shooting into the air, crashed down on the other side.

Men's 2nd VIII Mays 2009-10 , Day 2 , Race 2
Corpus Christi I

Buoyed by our bump on Selwyn, we were determined to avoid having to row over and remaining sandwich boat, but knew Corpus would not concede easily and fancied their chances against Emma.

Starting at the bottom of the division, we matched Corpus’s powerful start, remaining on station as they began to gain ground against Emma. A further push saw them consolidating this gain while pushing our crew out to two lengths. It took a massive push in the Gut to close the distance back to station, and Corpus’s highly dubious line around Grassy did not hinder our progress either. This pattern continued until Ditton, at which we remained on station whereas Corpus had gained two whistles on Emma and were pushing hard.

We gained our first (and, as was acknowledged afterwards, highly optimistic) whistle rounding Ditton, to which the boat responded with renewed vigour as we came to believe that this race might end in victory after all. A power ten saw us gain the second whistle, shortly after which Katie called the race restart as Corpus threatened an Emma now less than a quarter of a length ahead. Fifteen heroic strokes later we had somehow managed to close the distance and jubilantly bumped near the pink house.

Men's 2nd VIII Mays 2009-10 , Day 3
Emmanuel II

Having broken our way into the M2 division, we were keen to strengthen our position with a strong attack on Emmanuel M2. We also knew that the Corpus crew behind us would be looking for revenge from our attack yesterday, and would be just as strong. All crews started well, Corpus making ground on us, and us making ground on Emma. As we came under the motorway bridge, we gained our first whistle, and Corpus began to flag.

After obtaining the first whistle, we tried to pull Emma in, and they held us at three quarters of a length along first post reach. By first post reach, Emma were beginning to pull away, and making a move on the Queens’ M2 ahead of them. At this point, a massive push from Christ’s gave us the second whistle and Emma made another move on Queens’. Fearing the worst, Nick rang his bell and we went for it. An incredible effort latter we bumped them in the gut.

Bring on Queens’ tomorrow.

Men's 2nd VIII Mays 2009-10 , Day 4
Queens II

We rowed quite hard. They rowed quite hard. We were faster than them, despite the fact that they'd twice stolen pots from under our noses by a second or less. As far as winning your blades goes, there couldn't have been a more satisfying crew to bump, though credit to them for holding us until well up the reach.

Men's 3rd Fellows' Boat VIII Lents 2009-10 , Day 1 , Race 2
Rowed over

Division 4- sandwich boat: rowed over
We were chasing Corpus M2 who bumped Jesus M4 very quickly, leaving Guy to do some acrobatic coxing under the motorway bridge. We then pushed for the overbump on LMBC M4, however the usual effortless style of the fellows’ rowing was disrupted by the choppy water. We experienced some ‘technical difficulties’ nearing first post corner allowing them to pull well clear. We chased them down the course for a row over.

Going into day 2- hopefully we will now hold Sidney M2 for the row over, then have Jesus M4 in the sights for a bump to establish in the 4th division.


Men's 3rd Fellows' Boat VIII Mays 2009-10 , Day 1 , Race 1
Sidney Sussex M2

Day 1- Div 5 Bumped Sidney Sussex M2

Some history here as M3 (also known as ‘F1’) have been exchanging places with Sidney M2 at the top of division 5 for several years. They were slightly faster than us in a recent head race, so we planned to wear them down over the course aiming for a bump at the railway bridge. However, we closed down the length over first corner and the gut to be at ¾ of a length in plough reach. They held us round ditton, however once Guy (cox) was happy that we were lined up out of the corner we were within range for a finishing push. We bumped them about 20 strokes into the reach.


Men's 3rd Fellows' Boat VIII Mays 2009-10 , Day 3 , Race 1
Rowed over

A disappointing row over! We underestimated LMBC 4 and didn’t go hard enough off the start. This allowed them to open up water between the boats which they held for the race. Another try tomorrow but could be tricky- likely to be a very good St. Edmunds crew chasing us...


Men's 3rd Fellows' Boat VIII Mays 2009-10 , Day 4 , Race 1
Got bumped
St. Edmund's M2

We knew that our only chance against a very strong St. Edmund's crew would be to catch LMBC 4 before being bumped ourselves. We kept the rate high after the start, closing to a length on LMBC. However the St. Ed’s crew closed very quickly, having overlap by the outflow. We briefly thought we were off the hook when they held it up before contact had been made or the bump awarded, however, once they had realised their mistake they re-started and bumped us within about 30 strokes.

Overall result- up 1 – sandwich boat again next year!


Men's 5th VIII Mays 2009-10 , Day 1
Rowed over


Today’s row-over left the entire crew with a bittersweet feeling. It was an incredibly heroic race, as you are about to discover in the next lines.

The day started with us rowing downstream towards our position on pretty solid steady-state paddling and two practice starts, one of which ended up inconveniently by bumping the railway bridge.

We got to our position not long before the 4-minute cannon. We had a great umpire who had previously coxed for Christ’s, and had some final advice for Ardi and myself. As we heard the first cannon, we switched on. The crew was silent, focussed, visualizing our goal. Downing, behind us, seemed pretty strong, but Queens’ were weak, and we knew that. With the one-minute cannon we started falling into the correct bumping mindset. Countdown came and we were pushed off. Come forwards. Square blades. Six, five… Off we go!

Our start was incredibly solid. We had great coordination throughout the entire crew. Ardi’s calls on the start were accurate and timely. We were flying. You could tell by the excitement of the bank party that we had done quite well on the draws and winds. We heard the first whistle: we were really close to Queens’. Downing was not really gaining much on us. Two whistles. Wow, we hadn’t even rowed past First Post Corner. Three whistles! We were about to bump Queens’!

Then it happened. Stroke came off his enormous shoes, got distracted by one second, and caught a massive crab that almost sent him into the water.

Keep rowing! Don’t lose it! Everybody in the bank was just about to go into the water and help me recover my oar. Ged and Ardi effectively pulled the handle out and in front of me, and I managed to recover, settle, get back into my seat and shoes, and keep rowing. But it was already a bit too late. Queens’ managed to escape our fury, and they were probably 2 lengths ahead. Fortunately, during the frantic seconds of the crab, we realised that Downing had already been bumped by Girton.

Unfortunately, FaT was already in sight, and they were thirsty for bumps, since Girton had managed to escape away. We kept the focus and gained around a length on Queens’.

Then it was time for bow side to push hard. Ardi was suddenly struggling to get the boat around Grassy Corner. Bow side kept pushing, but the calls and the pushes were not enough, and for the second time in 500 metres, we completely lost it.

FaT was just going around grassy when we restarted. It seemed apparent from the bank that it was all lost. A horrible feeling of disappointment was surrounding us. Most of us were already picturing the horrible line on the bumps chart, indicating Christ’s V, down 3, overbumped. FaT was only a couple of feet away.

But we were not going to let that happen. A couple of push-for-ten calls from Ardi kept us moving. It was a constant overlap-gain battle between FaT and us. We are strong. We can do this. We will not get bumped. Adrenaline was pouring out of the Sir Hans. We got strength out from somewhere, and suddenly we were already a quarter of a length away from FaT. We saw the railway bridge as we passed underneath it. This is almost over, but not quite yet! We kept pushing away from FaT, who seemed to have given up. But we wanted to keep rowing strongly; more experienced crews had had overbumps before just because of overconfidence. So we pushed hard for the last 400 metres, rowed past the next division’s crews proudly, and found ourselves exhausted, but incredibly happy, with what we had achieved.

This day gave a very valuable lesson to our crew. Things can really go wrong, but after all, it is just matter of keeping the spirit high, the minds clear and the team united. It was not the best race, and we were clearly disappointed with what happened at the beginning, but satisfied by the way in which we recovered and fought back.

We will get Queens’ tomorrow.


Men's 5th VIII Mays 2009-10 , Day 2
Got bumped
Girton III

Today’s race report is not as exciting as it was yesterday, and it certainly ends in a much more disappointing note. After a motivational talk in the boathouse, and the introduction of the new crew mascot, “Inches”, we started the day paddling down and doing a practice start by the railway bridge. We reached our position quite early and, in spite of the disappointment of the weather, we were ready to row hard.

The start of the race was probably one of our worst starts as a crew. There were a couple of small crabs during the draws, followed by very uneasy winds. On the other hand, Girton III had a very powerful start. We could see them approaching very quickly. The next few strokes felt much disorganized, and by the time the crew recomposed we already had Girton’s bow crashing against stoke’s blade.

The bump was something to remember. With the crew unwilling to concede, Girton caught stroke’s blade right in the middle of a push, sending it straight into his face. Trying to recover the handle proved too difficult, and the inability of the Girton’s cox to pull away led to chaos. We ended up with Girton’s bow stuck under stroke’s rigger, and their bow deck almost completely detached. Fortunately enough for the crews behind, this all happened by the bank. We sadly saw the rest of the division row by.

Tomorrow we will start behind Girton. We will have to be much more focused and relaxed, as we will now be caught in between two strong crews.


Men's 5th VIII Mays 2009-10 , Day 3
Rowed over

M5 rowed over again today. Although this time we did not make a show as impressive for the spectators as on the previous days, it was also quite an amusing race.

Xi was keen enough to sub in for Ben again. We practiced a couple of starts on the way down, a bit paranoid of the crabs that seem to have surrounded our boat on the previous days.

We got to our spots and waited for a long time. We analysed the surrounding crews: Downing was not going to give up easily to FaT, who were likely to be bumped by Pembroke. Girton had bumped us yesterday, and had a weak Queens’ IV in front of them. We were all thinking about the overbump to LMBC, but none of us wanted to say anything in light of what happened on previous days. Holding Downing away and rowing over seemed more reasonable.

Without much speculation we got ready for the 1-minute cannon. We were very focused on having a clean start to redeem ourselves from the scrappy 200-m we rowed on Thursday. No more crabs or crashes; no more poor starts, we kept thinking. GO!

The start was nice. We pulled away from Downing at the beginning. We rowed past Grassy and saw Girton and Queens’ a few metres ahead. Downing gained slightly on us and we heard their coach whistle; not for long, though. After Ditton we were already two lengths behind. Trying not to alter the nice rhythm, Ardi was very subtle in communicating our closeness to LMBC. But we could feel them close by. We were already out of Downing’s reach: paddling at steady-state all the way would’ve done the job. Then we heard one whistle, just after the railway bridge. Overbump?

Unfortunately the course is not long enough. We finished slightly less than a length from LMBC, but we could’ve gone 2k more to get them, and they would’ve given up before 100 metres.

Tomorrow we’ll have another go with the Queens’ crew. They’ve been very lucky so far...


Men's 5th VIII Mays 2009-10 , Day 4
Rowed over

After two intense days of rowing over and a bump from Girton, we really wanted to get Queens’ this time. It was out third go against them. The race started with a decent, yet imperfect start, and we continued on a rate 32 up to Grassy Corner. Downing, behind us, was bumped by Pembroke early in the race, and we knew there were absolutely no crews to worry about behind them. It seemed that this fact turned the crew into slow motion past Ditton. We heard one whistle; we probably approached to nearly half length, but Queens’ kept pushing away. Ardi’s calls for ten hard pushes worked. But Queens’ was pretty responsive, too. We rowed past P&E and the crews by the bank cheered for us, although it was a little too late, and Queens’ had escaped once more.

We rowed back a little bit disappointed of our performance today: Queens’ should not have escaped that easily. Yet the row back home was pleasant: for some of us it the last one. So we cheered up, dressed our wigs and hats, and made the best out of our last strokes.


Women's 1st VIII Mays 2009-10 , Day 1

Going into today we knew that it would be a tough day, with results from races in term showing us as faster, but not by much. However we also knew that there was likely to be a lot of action between the four boats above Maggie, leaving them without much to chase, particularly given the strength of the Downing crew just in front of them.

Despite starting with the cannon right under the bridge, our start was good, and well held out. We got the first whistle really quickly, more quickly than expected, during our power strokes off the start, which was nice! However, the next few took a bit longer to come, not helped by a few shaky moments coming down the gut and around Grassy.

As per our race plan we had a huge push coming out of Ditton, treating it as a new race, and from then we closed the distance quickly. A final push on the bell, and the bump was called, about 1/4 of the way down the reach. A good row, and pushed hard by Maggie.

Looking forwards to tomorrow, hopefully go for more attack in the first 500m, but keeping all the good bits of today. Very happy!


Women's 1st VIII Mays 2009-10 , Day 2

We started today with the knowledge that the race situation was extraordinarily similar to the first day of Lents this year. With Jesus in front of us, a crew that is coping this year with the loss of its experienced rowers, we were confident that we were faster, but mindful that Caius's ahead were a strong target for Jesus, who, we were informed, were going out hell for leather to catch them off the start.

A slight panic on our start was soon forgotten as we earned our first whistle a few strokes off the start. Jesus had gone out hell for leather, and little progress was made until first post. However, their pace was unsustainable and several strong pushes through the gut and out of the corners soon had Nick's doom bell ringing. Jesus, the bell tolled for thee.

Written by Mary Bjorkegren.


Women's 1st VIII Mays 2009-10 , Day 3

Today we wanted to add a more relaxed element to our rowing - yesterday's bump suffered from a bit of panic, and we didn't perform our best. We started this well with a touch of tanning during marshalling at Chesterton, now that the weather has turned towards what is more typical for this time of year!

Our row down to the start benefited from this relaxation, and was really switched on. Our start was also better than yesterday, and we settled on to a strong 36/35. We got the first whistle down first post reach, and some great calls from Scott meant that our pushes were really concerted. The following whistles came regularly - the second out of first post, third into grassy, and the bell out of grassy. We got the bump shortly afterward, just before the Plough.

Definitely a better row than yesterday, hopefully we can repeat this tomorrow...


Women's 2nd VIII Mays 2009-10 , Day 1
Selwyn W2

The first day of bumps! All the crews had loads of energy, and W2 were feeling fairly confident given Selwyn's performance in Lents! Setting things up nicely, we had a strong, technically good row down to the start.

This is the second time we've chased (and bumped) Selwyn W2 this year. This time they had a lot more energy off the start, and so managed to keep the distance between us. We closed in on them slowly, and it seemed like it took forever to get one whistle. However, when we got two whistles, the power stepped up and we pushed through, gaining water fast. When the bell rang there was another massive step up in the power and we caught them within a few strokes, a little way beyond the motorway bridge.

It's been a good start to bumps - hope to continue this way! Chasing Jesus W3 tomorrow, we'll aim to put that extra power down off the start and catch them as soon as possible!


Women's 2nd VIII Mays 2009-10 , Day 2
Jesus W3

Having seen Jesus W3 yesterday, we were all silently confident and hoping for a quick bump! Our aim today to improve from yesterday was to put the power down right from the start, and keep it strong.

Going off from Nick's favourite station, on an inside bend, we had a good line to begin the race. Off the start, we had one whistle on the winds, and two whistles by the time we'd finished the start! With some good calls from Lizzy and a couple of pushes, we continued putting the power down and caught them under the motorway bridge.

An excellent bump, short and sweet - a result of some really good improvements on yesterdays rowing. Can't wait for tomorrows race! Looking to once again get that power straight from the start.


Women's 2nd VIII Mays 2009-10 , Day 3
St. Edmund's

No-one was entirely sure of what to expect today. Day 1 Pembroke rowed over behind Tit Hall, and Day 2 they got bumped by Emma, only because they caught a crab. We knew (or at least hoped) that chasing Pembroke would make for a more challenging race than our first two. We were more right than we realised..

Continuing from the improvements we made yesterday, we had a strong start, gaining one whistle by the end. However, Pembroke were also moving up on Emma in front of them. This position was held fairly steadily by all three crews involved, each moving up slightly. However, by first post corner, Pembroke had bumped Emma. There was a sudden gear change from us - race restart, going for the overbump.

Going for the overbump, we were several lengths behind St. Edmund's - it seemed like miles. Moving into the reach, we were still a good 3 or 4 lengths behind them. Some massive pushes down the reach later, we heard the first whistle. Not knowing that we weren't actually that close to them, the whistle spurred us on, and we gained distance fast. Nick's bell-ringing was perhaps a little optimistic too, but within about 10 strokes of the bell, we had bumped them, just before the railway bridge. About a length away from the finish, in fact!

An awesome race today! Really really happy with the results, and some excellent power through the water. Looking forward to tomorrow!


Women's 2nd VIII Mays 2009-10 , Day 4
FaT W2

Last day of bumps! There's no telling how badly we wanted those blades.. We were fairly confident of the bump today, but knew it had to happen fast. FaT II were chasing Wolfson, who they could catch if we gave them the time. On the other hand, Wolfson knew that they only had to hold FaT off until we caught them. FaT's plan (thanks to a loud coach) was to go really hard off the start - we had to match that.

We had a good start, but so did they. The first whistle didn't come until the motorway bridge. Having thought they'd crumble when we got close, they didn't. We fought for every whistle, but steadily creeped up on them, bumping them going into Grassy.

Blades! So happy with this week's performance, and we made some good improvements through the week. Up 6!


Women's 3rd VIII Mays 2009-10 , Day 1
Trinity Hall W3

W3 started the day feeling quite apprehensive about the prospect of bumping Trinity Hall W3, whilst trying to out-row Peterhouse W2 (we were bumped by Peterhouse W2 in Lents).
Rather fortuitously our coach (Stef) is a PhD Mathmo from Trinity Hall, so she was able to gather information on our opponents and this definitely helped our pre-bumps nerves.
We had a good row down to our Marshalling position and at this point we were treated to one of Tim's epic pre-bumps songs. Between marshalling and our starting station we managed to fit in a couple of practice starts. Fortunately we didn't have any trouble from Stalin the Swan as we rowed round Ditton Corner.
For the race itself, we got off to a good start and quickly came within half a length of Trinity Hall, Peterhouse remained about a length behind us. We were able to close in for the bump fairly rapidly at this point because the Trinity Hall boat clipped the bank, slowing them down. Tim responded quickly, avoiding a collision and allowing us to make a clean bump.
For most of the crew this was the first bump ever experienced (having being quite unlucky in Lent Bumps). Hopefully we'll have similar success in bumping the Hughes Hall/Lucy Cavendish W2 boat tomorrow!


Women's 3rd VIII Mays 2009-10 , Day 2
Hughes Hall/Lucy Cavendish II

We were able to start today with slightly more confidence than yesterday, chiefly because we would not have to worry about Peterhouse chasing us from behind. However, prospects of a bump relied heavily on Clare III being able to hold off Hughes Hall/Lucy Cav. long enough for us to bump. (Stef had warned us that we might have to try and double-overbump Magdalene III)

Our start today was more steady than yesterday and we managed to pull away from Trinity Hall fairly quickly. We kept the rating high and got within half a length of Hughes Hall. At the same time, Hughes hall were gaining on Clare III in front of us.

We stayed half a length behind Hughes Hall/Lucy Cav. for some time until Tim started calling bumps 10's (he must have called this at least 4 times!). Luckily this had the desired effect and we were able to close in on Hughes Hall for the bump about 100m past the railway bridge.

It took a while for us to realise we had made the bump, with Hughes Hall coming so very close to bumping Clare III. Once the details of our bump had filtered through we were quite relieved at the outcome and rather grateful to Clare III!

Tomorrow we'll be chasing Clare III, today's raced proved to us that they are bump-able. At the same time, they showed considerable endurance in Holding off Hughes Hall for so long and this is something that we need to prepare ourselves for come tomorrow.


Women's 3rd VIII Mays 2009-10 , Day 3
Clare III

As with the previous 2 days of bumps, we prepared ourselves for a challenging bump. Yesterday demonstrated that Clare had considerable endurance when faced with a crew trying to bump from behind.

Our division was delayed for quite sometime due to an ambulance not turning up for one of the earlier divisions. Georgina also made an appearance once we had finally made it down to our starting station, further delaying our start. Fortunately these delays gave us a chance to calm down and prepare ourselves for the race ahead.

We started off well, keeping the boat steady and leaving Hughes Hall in the distance. In what seemed like no time we were half a length from Clare III, at this point Tim called a bumps 10 and the crew committed well to this call. (we were keen to close in for the bump more quickly than yesterday). The result was a quick bump before the motorway bridge.


Women's 3rd VIII Mays 2009-10 , Day 4
Kings II

The last day of bumps went better than any of us could have hoped for. We arrived at the boathouse feeling highly apprehensive about the coming race - our bump would rely on Sidney Sussex III holding out against Queens III long enough for us to bump the Queens' crew.

Our start was reasonably strong; however we remained about 3/4 of a length off Queens as we passed under the railway bridge. Tim called a bumps 10 and the crew responded well; unfortunately, this wasn't enough to bump Queens' III and they were able to bump Sidney III first.

As we rowed past Queens' our determination floundered slightly, as did our energy. However, we soon realised that King's II ahead hadn't been able to bump and more importantly, they had caught a massive crab. So, spurred on by our bank party and Tim, our rowing picked up again and we set our sites on an overbump of Kings' II.

Closing the gap between our boat and Kings' was painful, but a number of bumps 10 calls from Tim helped us to close the distance. We were then able to bump Kings' on Ditton corner thanks to some superb steering from Tim.

We can still hardly believe we were able to overbump. Although a good fortune probably played quite a considerable role, the excellent coaching we have received this term ensured that we had the stamina and ability to overbump. So on behalf of W3, thank you to everybody who has been involved in our training this term!