Queens Ergs 2009-10

Queens Ergs

This Tuesday evening (10th November) our novices will be taking part in their first competition - the indoor erg (rowing machine) competition in which each member of the crew rows 500 metres in succession and the cumulative time of the crew is compared to other crews from all the Colleges. It is run and hosted by Queens' College. There is always a strong contingent of supporters and a guarantee of cheesy music so if you can, please do come and support our novices. The competition starts in the early evening and runs all night.

Division times are:

17:00 - W1
18:00 - W2
18:30 - M1
19:30 - M2

Men's Novice 1st VIII Fairbairns 2009-10
Average 500m time 1:41.29

We went into this event with the realization that we would not be the biggest crew in Queens’ gymnasium, so our dual aims were that each crew member pull a personal best for their 500m leg and that we build some energy and excitement with this first competition before the real races on the water begin in a few weeks. It’s my pleasure to report that we were successful on both accounts. The whole crew thrived off the intensity of the event and their surroundings, and all eight rowers pulled their personal best 500m times, with most shattering their old records. Individual highlights include Matthijs Groeneveld’s placing 17th out of 384 rowers in the M1 division with an impressive time of 1:28.46s, Zsolt Vertessy’s coolly pulling a 1:37.56s despite having one of his feet out of the strap for the final 350m of the race, and our cox Ardi Liaunardy-Jopeace’s fearlessly stepping in as a sub in the final leg of the race to destroy his 500m PB.

The crew posted a respectable average of 1:41.29s for their 500m pieces. This time left us short of qualifying for the men’s final for the evening, but with our aims met, we now turn our focus back to actual rowing and away from the utter madness of 500m erg competitions! Next up will be Clare Novices, where we know the continued diligence and technical focus from our outings will be rewarded.


Women's Novice 1st VIII Fairbairns 2009-10
Average 500m time 1:56.17s

As in past years, Queen’s ergs provided the perfect start to the novice racing season. All the girls commited 110% to their teams, each member pushed to the maximum of their ability in order to put their next team mate in line in the best position for next leg of the race. Everyone made fantastic improvements on their previous 500m times, as ever it was the team spirit and large fraction of Christ’s supporters in the crowd that really brought home a fantastic racing of adrenaline packed racing.

A special mention has to go to Marthe Kloecking, whose spirit finish on the final leg claimed NW1 third place in their heat, and Alice Sackville-Hamilton who had to be physically dragged off the erg after her epic effort. Despite the great work by NW1, they missed out on a place in the final by 0.7s. Onwards and upwards, Clare Novices awaits and their great aptitude on the water and a solid erg performance should stand both novice women’s crews in great stead for some river domination.