Welcome to the Christ's College Boat Club (CCBC) website. In 1830, the Boat Club was founded, at which time only a few of the Colleges had clubs. In 1887 the Boathouse was built in its present position.
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Lent Bumps 2014-15

Crew Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4 Overall
M1 Bumped by FaT M1 Bumped by Peterhouse M1 Bumped by Peterhouse M1 Bumped by Robinson M1 -4
W1 Bumped Downing W1 Bumped FaT W1 Bumped Emmanuel W1 Rowed over 3
M2 Bumped St. Edmund's M1 Rowed over Rowed over Bumped by Pembroke M2 0
W2 Bumped by Lucy Cav / Hughes Hall W1 Bumped by Sidney Sussex W1 Bumped by Emmanuel W2 Bumped by Jesus W2 -4

Come back to Christ's; in an VIII in the Head of the Cam

Do you dream of racing once more on the River Cam, in a Christ’s College Boat?
Well, here’s your chance.

Bedford Eights and Fours Head 2014-15

Christ's show that they're just as good off the Cam as on it

Newnham Short Course 2014-15

Wintery conditions led to an exciting second race of term.

Winter Head to Head 2014-15

Lent term's first race gives opportunities for novices to join the senior boats.

Watch on youtube: Christ's Coxing Blue, Peter Hobson (m1985) addresses Blades Regatta Dinner 2014

At the Blades Regatta in September 2014, alumni of Christ’s College Boat Club were privileged to be entertained by GB International, Blue Boat and CCBC Cox, Peter Hobson (m1985).

Fairbairns 2014 Crustaceans M3

Crustaceans M3, comprising Blades from m1985 to m1964, finished in 18:17.3, beating Jesus III and Sidney Sussex II in excellent style. Crustaceans M2 (m1978) 16:42, beat Christ's M2 and M3 and finished 46th out of 62 crews.

Crustaceans scull the Rhine Marathon 2014

Crustaceans have again raced a Quad Gig in the 26 mile Marathon from Leverkusen to Dusseldorf on the River Rhine. See us on youtube 5:08 mins http://youtu.be/rF_rW2cfVyc

Fairbairn Cup 2014-15

With a full set of both Novice and Senior crews on the river, it was W1 who showed the rest of the boat club how it's done.

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